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The Best Shoe Shops Rome has on Offer

Any Italian will concur that accessories can make or break an outfit: from stylish leather bags and sunglasses to lace scarves and handcrafted women’s shoes, Italians are experts in incorporating complementary details to finish their look. Take a cue from the well-heeled locals in Rome and get a pair of designer or handmade shoes at the capital to see you through your Roman vacation.


Calzoleria Petrocchi


This historic shoe shop has been handcrafting prêt-à-porter and customised shoes for fashion savvy Romans — and dozens of celebrities — since 1946. Audrey Hepburn, Robert De Niro and Kirk Douglas donned shoes from Petrocchi, which prides itself on using the finest calf leathers in its own form and exotic skins such as crocodile, ostrich and python in several of its shoes. From Monkstraps and Derbys to Moccasins and Oxfords, Petrocchi makes a high quality, classic shoe that won’t ever go out of fashion. Additionally, there are numerous female versions, including ballerina flats and women’s ankle boots.




Michelediloco, round the corner from posh Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina, is a shoe shop with a great deal of personality. Michele, the proprietor, is enthusiastic about selling shoes that combine beauty and fashion in a harmonious fashion — and what’s ultra comfy in addition to being effortlessly chic. Think soft, just-worn-in nice leathers, braided sandals, chunky heels which will wear well on Rome’s cobblestone streets. Avant-garde fashionistas and anyone with a passion for comfortable footwear will find something at Michelediloco.


Barrilà Boutique


Just Steps from Piazza del Popolo, Barrilà Boutique is a gem that you wouldn’t expect to locate sandwiched among designer shops on Via del Babuino. The boutique sells hundreds of cheap, well-made Italian shoes of all types for women and men of all ages. The shoes are not especially trend-led but they are great solid basics at a fantastic price and both comfortable. From sandals and flats to heels and boots, there is a little bit of everything so don’t be put off by the shoes at the window. You’re going to need to sort through the extensive collection but you are guaranteed to be rewarded with a steal.


Di San Giacomo


For a truly distinctive souvenir at the capital (and present to yourself) why not pick up a set of personalised women’s sandals at Di San Giacomo? These leather shoes are preppy, sweet and super summery — they will see you through the streets of Rome and onwards to Positano and Capri. These sandals are custom made on the place and incorporate stone and accessories to create beautiful, unique statement bits. With dozens of colors and leathers to choose from, and of course an infinite mix of beads and stones, a pair of sandals from Di San Giacomo is a opportunity to style your own wearable art.




Via Nazionale is one of Rome’s greatest shopping streets and is filled with cosmopolitan flair. And for shoe lovers, Geppy is a vital stop. This store Shares chic, seasonal shoes which are well-made, well designed and easily priced. In the autumn and winter months you’ll find a ton of booties with Cut-outs, knee-high boots with different heel heights, stilettos for vacation Parties and shoes for rainy weather. In the summer, you’ll find soft sandals to Pair with summer dresses, comfy wedges and breathable ballet slippers. In Short, Geppy has everything.