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How to Conquer Solo Business Travel

If you log in a great deal of miles on the road, like many entrepreneurs, then you know just how gruelling business travel could be whether it be an it services company or a commercial plumbing services company business travel is normal part of running a business. Programs like TripIt are useful but cannot address the issue singlehandedly.

Here would be the hard-won approaches I use virtually every week, that have made a true difference in the caliber of my traveling experience. Hopefully they will for you, too.

Use a travel checklist. Even in the event that you travel all of the time, then it’s easy to overlook something. We should adhere to the advice of Atul Gawande in his favourite book, The Checklist Manifesto: To maximize functionality, if you are a pilot, a physician or a business traveller, maintain a listing and cross off things until you are certain you’ve got whatever you want.

Pop some pills. I really don’t mean the tricky things such as the grogginess variable ones, I attempt to steer clear of sleeping pills unless they are essential (i.e., a brief visit to Asia where I must work at optimum levels).

Rather, an hour or 2 prior to leaving to the airport, I will take two pain relievers. I know from experience I am nearly sure to receive a headache from dehydration, a neck aches from taking heavy luggage or even a stomach ache from eating at odd hours. Obviously, I try to prevent these occurrences, but an ancient dose of a pain reliever will help mitigate unnecessary distress.

Constantly carry an energy bar in your carry-on tote. Throughout a seven-hour delay I experienced in Miami, the airport sellers had sold-out of food. When it is a winter blizzard or even a huge series of delays, you might be out of luck. Prepare beforehand by keeping a snack bar of some sort in your bag so that you’re always ready if disaster strikes. Pro tip: In the grocery store purchase your favourite type in bulk, they frequently offer them in boxes of 12 or more.

Document your room number. If you have been on the road for months on end, it can be extremely difficult to remember if you are staying in room 304, or if it was the event at last week’s resort stay. When I park in a numbered place or in a new area, I make an entry in the “notes” functions of my smartphone so that I could quickly recall where I am going. It might sound unnecessary, but it has saved a great deal of confusion and despair.

Get a fantastic meal. Yelp is not as hot as a number of the newer programs, however, I use it on each and every trip I take. There is nothing more depressing than arriving into a new town, being ravenously hungry and not having an idea where to eat (except for your decrepit hotel couch). Utilize Yelp’s innovative search option to ascertain what’s “available now,” and inside a fast walk or a brief drive. It is possible to type by type of cuisine and by evaluations, which means it is possible to make certain you’re taking a look at the very best. It has led me to amazing areas I would not have discovered, by a Thai/Vietnamese location in Akron to little gems across roads of Paris. (Notice that Yelp is very strong in the U.S.; TripAdvisor might be worth consulting instead if you are travelling overseas and do not find lots of Yelp listings in the area you are in.)

Tips for Solo Business Travel

Dine Out

The thought of dining as a solo traveller can at times be daunting, but it can be a terrific experience. Eating at the bar in a restaurant may take a number of the stigma from dining. You will find different patrons to strike up a conversation with and there are normally TVs to divert your focus. In most towns, communal tables are getting to be ever more well-known in popular restaurants. Pulling a chair up in one of those spots is another fantastic opportunity to meet locals, be societal and attempt some of the local food.

Take a Tour

In most cities, you may frequently find excursions. Some of my favourite tour adventures happen to be walking or meals excursions. Ordinarily, you are going to find a 3-4 hour walking tour of a town’s highlights whether it be for the architectural timbers or the landscape, also ceases at 4-6 restaurants to get a bite to eat. You will learn about the meals along with the destination.

It is also possible to choose a self-guided excursion by choosing a stroll. Evenings can be a fantastic time to really go for a long walk and explore your environment. Before going outside, it is a fantastic idea to ask your hotel or neighbourhood which places are safest to see. Make sure you take precautions, naturally. Use your street smarts and do not get caught. But appreciate the time drifting at a brand new location.

Research an Interest

Solo business travel may provide you with a chance to do something that you love. Have you got something you are passionate about other than your domestic plumbing services business? Investigate that curiosity about a new town. If you are a member of a company, see if they have a neighbourhood meeting in town. Otherwise, have a look at, that has tens of thousands of events and actions covering all types of hobbies and interests in that town.

Go to the Gym

Finding the time to exercise on the street can be hard. Consequently, if you find the time, heading into the hotel gym or out for a jog is never a bad alternative. Services like Classpass may also be employed to locate and book courses in a lot of places around the globe. Exercising is an excellent way to alleviate any stress in your day and will take your mind off being away from family and friends.

Indulge at a Spa Treatment

There is no denying that travel for work may be stressful and hard on the human body. I really don’t know anybody who feels refreshed following a 5-hour trip to the market. Give your body much deserved love by going into the resort spa or buying a massage directly to your Airbnb via Zeel. You only have one body, therefore invest in it.


If you are a busy professional, you might have limited time in your own hometown to go out and shop. Family and work keep you constantly on the move. A day on a business trip may be a fantastic opportunity to indulge in some retail therapy or even hardware therapy, checking out the latest glue laminated products from another country.

See a Show

No matter your interests, you are probably going to have the ability to detect something on your street. Look on the local paper’s site to find out what plays could be in the town. Stop by the theatre, either skilled or at a nearby university. When you are flying, your likelihood of locating an affordable seat for a favourite series are high. If that is not your cup of tea, then find a picture theatre to find that movie you did not have the time to grab at home.

Be Anti-Social

Sometimes you really don’t need to be around people in any way. Listen to this inner voice. There are not any rules in travelling. Don’t hesitate to order room service and watch a film or read a book in your hotel room to decompress.

Solo business travel does not mean being lonely. A trip may signify a rest in the chores and duties of your everyday life. Being alone in a new town can be a fantastic chance to break the mould and do something different with your time. It can also be a chance to catch up on some work and with companies such as those cloud computing security in Melbourne, they give you the availability to access your work on the cloud without compromising your business.