New Chandon Winery Now Open In India

Last month, Chandon’s Dindori winery opened.

Moet Hennessy officially opened its first winery in the valley of India, which is completely dedicated to producing Chandon sparkling wine.

Situated in Dindori, Maharashtra, the winery has been in the works since 2014, but Moet Hennessy only officially opened the winery last month.

Moet Hennessy’s Davide Marcovitch, who is the head of Chandon and has undertaken coaching for business, said that “this is a significant moment for us at Chandon. The opening of the winery in the Nashik region reiterates our commitment to India.”

Nashik still has a long way to go before it looks like the picturesque landscapes of Chianti or the wineries in the Yarra Valley in Victoria, Australia, however, it is getting a little bit closer to that picture perfect look every year.

The extensive estate of Chandon India is gorgeously designed. The beautiful driveway which is lit up nicely by bright LED street lighting makes the paving stand out and it leads to a nice lobby area that has a tasting station. On the other side of the lobby is a wide patio made with beautiful glulam timber that looks out onto the beautifully manicured lawn with the vineyards on both sides. The corridor leads you to the roomy winery, which has the tanks, barrels, bottling, and labeling lines, and also the cellar, which is stocked with wine all the way to the roof.

The winery is open to tours, but they do insist on having a prior reservation. As of yet, there aren’t any arrangements for food or accommodation but that is a plan for the future. So in the meantime, doing a tour of the winery is highly recommended.

Thanks to the opening of the Chandon winery here in Nashik, we now have a brand new place to hit up on our next trip through India’s beautiful wine country and is great for couples to visit when on romantic getaways.

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