Wineries Climbing To The Top In New York City

A winemaker in the US has established a vineyard on a rooftop in Brooklyn with a phenomenal view of New York City. Devin Shomaker, the winemaker, said that he was struck by the idea when he was studying viticulture. He was then sold on the idea later on after obtaining the use of a building in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Shomaker spoke to us about how he always had wanted to live in the city in some awesome dog friendly holiday accommodation, but he also had a desire to apply what he had learnt in viticulture school.

“There’s something for me about the pull of New York, ultimately I just didn’t want to live in a rural setting, so I’ve managed to combine my two great loves.”

After an exhausting process of getting the necessary permits for crane hire and other telehandlers crane service and a successful crowdfunding pitch, Shomaker and his team then put 50 purpose-built boxes with Bordeaux grapes planted on the rooftop in mid 2015 and with the help of an electrician, was able to install some cool industrial lighting on the rooftop.

By late 2017, Shomaker is expecting to harvest, crush and then bottle about 30 cases of wine within the building.

With views of iconic New York landmarks such as the Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, and the new One World Trade Centre, this five story building is a great catch. The rooftop has been built to look like you’re in a vineyard like the wineries in the Yarra Valley over in Melbourne, because of the amazing landscape design that has been done, so it’s the perfect place to visit with the perfect view.

“You get a really good breadth of view of the city. It’s a view unlike any other vineyard I’ve had the pleasure of working in.”

89 percent of total wine production throughout the United States comes from California. All 50 states in the US produce wine of some sort. This calculates to about 4,500 square kilometres of vineyards, which makes America the 6th most highest country in the world producing wine, with Australia not too far behind it at 8th with majority of their square kilometres coming from the Yarra Valley vineyards

Shomaker believes that although it is a small start, if this vineyard is successful and there are more similar spaces available across the city, there is a lot of room for potential growth.

Shomaker leaves us with, “There’s tonnes of room for growth, especially here in New York. It’s still somewhat unbelievable that we’ve been able to build out our dream. This truly is a world first.”

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